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Elf 8th-level fighter/vampire

ARMOR CLASS: 1 (chain mail)
MOVE: 18
HIT POINTS: 68 (treat as 13 HD creature)
THAC0: 7 (espada curta = 2, Sp. = Fast, dano 1d6+10/1d8+10 – 1d6)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (as fighter)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral (good tendencies)
STR 20 (+ 3 at. e + 8 dano), DEX 19 (+ 3 at., – 4 CA), CON 18, INT 19, WIS 16, CHA 18
Weapons of Proficiency: Long bow, dagger, staff, long sword, short sword, whip.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Artistic ability (carving/sculpting), bowyer/fletcher, gaming, reading/
writing (Common, elvish), singing.
Equipment: His dagger, full cloak, spare gloves and clothes, carving tools and medium, partially finished works, and sharpened stakes.
Magical Items: Short sword +2, and a dagger +1 kept hidden beneath his clothing.
Special: He bites his victims, but drains one Constitution point per round rather than draining life (experience) levels.
Can charm person as a normal vampire, but the victim who looks into his eyes suffers a -4 penalty to the saving throw vs. spell. Also can charm a target with his voice alone; no penalty is applied to the target.s save when uses his voice alone to charm.
Can be struck only by weapons of +3 enchantment or better. He has 25% Magic Resistance,and he regenerates 4 hit points per round. While he still seeks to avoid it, can withstand sunlight for one hour. He is also immune to the effects of running water. Like normal AD&D game vampires, is immune to sleep, charm, and hold and all other mind-affecting spells as well as poison and paralysis. Cold and electrical attacks cause only half normal damage.
Finally, also is cursed with the black thumb that all elf vampires share. Any plant that touches to his skin withers and dies. Depending on the size of the plant, the death takes time. (Trees, for
example, may take weeks to fully die.) During the withering period, feels the plant.s agony as his own. Fortunately, this curse is not transmitted through fabric, allowing to handle plants and
even maintain a garden as long he wears gloves.
Possesses also all the abilities and vulnerabilities of normal vampires as listed in the MONSTROUS MANUAL tome, except where differences are stated above. These abilities include assuming the form of a large bat or a golden-furred wolf. Brief statistics for these forms are:
Dire Wolf: Dmg 2d4, AC2 (6), THAC0 15, MV
18, SZ L, ML 16.
Bat: Dmg 2d6, AC 4 (8), THAC0 20, MV Fl 18
©, SD -3 penalty to opponents attack rolls,
SZ T, ML 16.

Guerr mago

Elf 9th-level fighter/9th-level mage

ARMOR CLASS: -1 (bracers of defense)
MOVE: 15
THAC0: 12 (espada longa = 10, Sp. = Av., dano 1d8+3/1d12+3 – KD = 1d8)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (2 por rodada com espada longa)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil

STR 17 (+ 1 at. e dano), DEX 17 (+ 2 at., – 3 CA), CON 17, INT 16, WIS 16, CHA 17

Spells (4/3/4**/2/1): 1st. burning hands, feather fall, magic missile, sleep; 2nd. darkness 15. radius, mirror image, web; 3rd. dispel magic, fireball**, lightning bolt**; 4th. ice storm, Rarys mnemonic enhancer; 5th. cone of cold.

  • uses his Rarys mnenomic enhancer spell to memorize an extra fireball or lightning bolt spell, with the tactical circumstances-both current and expected
    determining which of the two he chooses.

Weapons of Proficiency: Dagger (both thrown and wielded), darts, hand axe, spear, short sword, long sword (specialized = + 1 at. e +2 dano); 1 open.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ancient history (elves), blind-fighting, brewing, direction sense, languages, modern (Common, elvish), reading/writing (Common, elvish), riding: land-based, spellcraft; 1 open.

Equipment: all standard adventuring gear.

Magical Items: Bracers of defense AC 2, cloak of elvenkind, dagger of homing +2, ring of the ram, and 2 potions of extra-healing.


Human 10th-level fighter

ARMOR CLASS: -1 (plate msil 2)
THAC0: 11 (espada bastarda +2 = 8, Sp= Av., dano 2d4
5/2d8+5 – Kd = 1d10)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (2 por rodada com espada bastarda)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil

STR 16 (+ 1 dano), DEX 16 (+ 1 at., – 2 CA), CON 15, INT 15, WIS 16, CHA 16

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Blind-fighting, direction sense, endurance, fire-building, riding: landbased, survival.

Weapons of Proficiency: Battle axe, crossbow, dagger, bastard sword (specialized = + 1 at. e +2 dano), long sword

Equipment: access to most common varieties of equipment, steeds, weapons, armor, etc.

Magical Items: Plate mail +2, bastard sword +2, light crossbow of distance, ring of human influence, and eyes of the eagle.


Human 9th-level priest of Mystra

ARMOR CLASS: 2 (plate mail + shield)
THAC0: 16 (Maça = Sp. Av., dano 1d6+1/1d6, Kd= 1d10)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

STR 11, DEX 12, CON 12, INT 9, WIS 15, CHA 13

Spells (6/5/3/2/1): 1st. bless, command, cure light wounds, detect evil, detect magic, light, protection from evil, sanctuary; 2nd. detect charm, hold person, resist fire, silence 15. radius, snake charm, speak with animals; 3rd. cure disease, dispel magic, negative plane protection, prayer; 4th. cure serious wounds, protection from evil 10. radius, spell immunity; 5th. flame strike, true seeing.

Weapons of Proficiency: footmans flail; footman.s mace; war hammer; 1 open (only type B weapons allowed).

Nonweapon Proficiencies: etiquette; healing; herbalism; local history (his involvement in the Time of Troubles); reading/writing; religion (worship of Mystra); spellcraft; 1 open.

Equipment: plate mail; large shield; mace; war hammer; holy symbol; holy water; standard adventuring gear.

Magical Items: a ring of alertness, which functions as a rod of alertness in all ways except that the ring cannot be used as a weapon in melee combat. All functions of the ring are usable with a simple act of will.


Human 9th-level bard

MOVE: 14
THAC0: 16 (espada longa = Sp. Av., dano 1d8/1d12 – Kd = 1d8)
(arco longo = 14, Sp. Av., dano 1d8+2 – Kd = 1d6)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good

STR 15, DEX 17 (+ 2 at., -3 CA), CON 16, INT 13, WIS 14, CHA 12

Spells (3/3/2): 1st. armor, dancing lights, sleep; 2nd. knock, levitate, mirror image; 3rd. dispel magic, slow.

Weapons of Proficiency: long sword; dagger (thrown and wielded); long bow.

Bard Abilities: CW 80, DN 60, PP 45, RL 45.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: animal handling (horse); musical instrument (baliset [similar to a lute] and reed pipes); riding, land-based (horse); singing; 3 open.

Equipment: Standard adventuring gear plus instruments listed above.


Ruphio Donovan
Human male 10th-level thief

MOVE: 14
THAC0: 16 (sling = 14, Sp. Av., 1d4+1/1d6+1 – Kd = 1d4) – (espada curta = Sp. Fast, dano 1d6/1d8 – Kd = 1d6)

STR 13, DEX 18 (+ 2 at., – 4 CA), CON 12, INT 17, WIS 14, CHA 13

Weapons of Proficiency: dagger; short sword; lasso (see The Complete Fighter.s Handbook, pages 94, 95, 98); sling.

Thief Abilities: PP 55, OL 40, F/RT 95, MS 95, HS 95, DN 30, CW 60, RL 30.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: appraising; disguise; reading/writing; sign language (thieves. hand signals); gaming; riding, land-based (horse); 4 open.

Equipment: the master thief wears dark clothes to help him go undetected in darkness. In a wrist sheath is a razor-sharp, short-bladed bung knife for quick cutting. He also carries at least three other daggers, with one concealed in his boot top. One of these is a skene, a slim-bladed dagger that has a leather-wrapped handle and well-oiled blade. He carries an oil lamp, but also has pocketfuls of candles to use as backup light sources. At his side is a small pot with a glowing coal to reignite his lamp if necessary. Inside one boot is a special packet of tools that are wrapped in soft, well-oiled leather smelling faintly of dried fish and cologne. The packet contains a small collection of rods, marles, plades, probes, and saws. One rod telescopes out to the length of a spear, and
is handy as a long-range probe. The marbles can be rolled out on a level surface and observed closely to determine if the floor suddenly begins to tilt. Pinch also carries silken cord for climbing, chalk to mark his way in a confusing environment, and a crowbar for heavy break-in work.

Magical Items: dagger +1. He also possesses a dwarven delocker, a slender magical rod of dull bronze. When it is touched lightly to the outer surface of a lock, the tip of the rod transforms into a key that will open that lock and then melts back into a simple cylindrical shape soon thereafter until the next time it is needed.


Human 11th-level druid

ARMOR CLASS: 4 (leather armor)
MOVE: 14
THAC0: 14 (scimitar = Sp. Av, 1d8/1d8, Kd = 1d8)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral (good tendencies)

STR 14, DEX 18 (+ 2 at., – 4 CA), CON 17, INT 13, WIS 17, CHA 11

Spells (7/6/5/3/2/1): 1st. animal friendship, entangle, cure light wounds, detect poison, detect snares & pits, faerie fire, shillelagh; 2nd. barkskin, charm person or mammal, goodberry, heat metal, slow poison, warp wood; 3rd. call lightning, hold animal, locate object, plant growth, stone shape; 4th. call woodland beings, neutralize poison, plant door; 5th. commune with nature, spike stones; 6th. stone tell.

Weapons of Proficiency: scimitar; club; spear; dagger.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: animal lore (bears, hawks); fire-building; herbalism; healing; religion (worship of Silvanus); weather sense.

Equipment: Light pack of adventuring gear.


Human 9th-level fighter
ARMORCLASS: 2 (chain mail)
MOVE: 11
THAC0: 12 (arco longo = 8, Sp. = Av., dano 1d8+2 – Kd= 1d6)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (3 por rodada com arco longo)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil

STR 12, DEX 17 (+ 2 at., – 3 CA), CON 14, INT 13, WIS 14, CHA 15

Weapons of Proficiency: Long sword, short sword, dagger, footmans mace, long bow (specialized = + 1 at. e +2 dano – 30ft, primeiro tiro armado como very fast), light crossbow.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Blind-fighting, endurance, etiquette, riding: land-based mount, mountaineering, tracking.

Equipment: standard adventuring gear for a warrior.


Human 9th-level fighter

ARMOR CLASS: 7 (leather armor)
MOVE: 12
THAC0: 12 (espada longa = 10, Sp. Av., dano 1d8+3/1d12+3 – Kd = 1d8)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (2 por rodada com espada longa)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral good
STR 17 (+ 1 at. e dano), DEX 15 (- 1 CA), CON 16, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 13
Weapons of Proficiency: long sword (specialized – +1 at. e + 2 dano); bastard sword; two-handed sword; club; quarterstaff; 1 open.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: animal handling (horse); endurance; blacksmithing; riding, land-based (horse);
singing; survival (wilds of Rashemen); 1 open.
Equipment: standard adventuring gear.
Special: Going berserk requires one full turn. A berserker may be engaged in combat during this time, meaning that one can begin the process in the first round of combat, fight for 10 rounds, and enter his berserk state in the 11th round.
If no enemy is present when the berserker is ready to enter his frenzy, he may hold. it until an enemy presents itself, or up to a maximum of five full turns. In other words, if no enemy appears within an hour of the warrior initiating the process, he reverts to normal, suffering adverse effects as if he had been berserk (see below).
A berserker in his frenzy maintains that state until all visible enemies are disposed of. This applies even to wounded foes who are unconscious or prone but not dead. If a foe is obviously alive, the berserker continues to fight.
While berserk, a warrior gains the following benefits:
. A +1 bonus to attack rolls, a +3 bonus to damage rolls, and 5 additional hit points.
. Immunity to the wizard spells charm person, friends, geas, hypnotism, irritation, ray of enfeeblement, scare, and sleep, and the priest spells charm person or mammal, cloak of bravery, command, enthrall, and symbol.
. Immunity to KO results from the punching and wrestling rules, and only half damage from all such attacks.
. A +4 bonus to saving throws vs. the wizard spells blindness, charm monster, confusion, hold person, and Tasha.s uncontrollable hideous laughter and the priest spells hold person and hold animal. A berserker who fails his saving throw vs. charm person (cast by either a wizard or a priest) simply considers the caster as an ally, but will not necessarily protect the caster at the risk of his own life.
. The emotion spell doesn.t affect the berserker unless the fear option is used. If so, the berserker gains a saving throw vs. spell. If the save is successful, there is no effect. If it is failed, the berserker is prematurely brought out of his frenzy. All aftereffects of the frenzy (see below) go into effect immediately. The fear spell has the same effect.
. The spell finger of death functions normally against a berserker.but the magic does not take effect until after the warrior comes out of his frenzy.
The frenzied state is not without its price, though. The berserker also has all the following hindrances.
. -3 reaction roll penalty.
. The character can use no ranged weapons.
. While he is frenzied, the character.s Wisdom and Intelligence scores both suffer a -3 modifier.
. The berserker must fight each opponent he engages in battle until that foe falls. Switching targets from one attack to the next is not possible, with one exception (see below concerning the taunt spell).
. If another character enters the berserker.s field of vision or takes an action that could be interpreted.or even an attack (such as pushing the berserker out of the way of a falling boulder from behind), the berserker must make a successful Intelligence check (incorporating the -3 modifier) or consider that person an enemy for the duration of his berserk state.
. During his frenzy, a berserker is unaffected by the priest spells bless, heal, regenerate, and all cure wounds spells. These spells may be cast on the berserker while in his state, but the magic will not take effect until he returns to normal.
. The taunt spell is automatically successful (no saving throw allowed), and the berserker immediately moves to attack the caster (the only exception to the .fight each opponent until that foe falls. stipulation mentioned above).
. When the berserker returns to normal, he immediately loses the 5 extra hit points he gained when he entered the berserk state (which might reduce his total to below 0). He collapses in exhaustion as if hit by a ray of enfeeblement and remains unconscious for a length of time equal to the time he spent in the berserk state.


Human 9th-level fighter

ARMOR CLASS: 3 (plate mail)
THAC0: 12 (espada bastarda = 11, Sp.= Av., dano 2d4+2/2d8+2 – Kd.= 1d10)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (2 por rodada com espada bastarda)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral

STR 15, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 12, WIS 11, CHA 12

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Animal handling (horse), armorer, heraldry, hunting, leatherworking, riding: land-based (horse); 2 open.

Weapons of Proficiency: Long bow, heavy crossbow, dagger, horsemans mace, bastard sword (specialized = + 1 at. e +2 dano), long sword.

Equipment: standard adventuring gear for a warrior

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